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Mermaid Monday Mermaid Elmora

Mermaid Monday; Mermaid Elmora

Hey everyone! I am Mermaid Elmora and I have always loved mermaids; mermaid movies, mermaid theories…Mermaid Everything!

All my life I expressed this love and to those around me it was just “my thing” and never really interested anyone else. To be a mermaid, and find like minded people is a dream come true. My full merstory can be viewed here;

1. What inspired you to become a Mermaid?

I was able to achieve my dream thanks to coming across other Mers, tail makers and mermaid groups on social media. That really helped me realise there were like minded people out there and they were living my dream, so nothing should stop me from achieving it also.

2. What do you love MOST about Mermaiding? (ex: community, swimming, lifestyle etc)

I personally love being surrounded by like-minded people and not viewed as an outsider, along with feeling like a magical and mystical being!

3. Where has been your favourite place to Mermaid swim? Where has been your least favourite?

My favourite place to mermaid swim has so far been Coogee beach with my pod. My least favourite so far has been Ryde pool.

4. Why did you start Mermaiding? And how did you come up with your Mersona (mermaid name)

I started because it was always a huge interest for me and upon discovering it was a real occupation and hobby I knew I had to be involved in some way. My Mersona name comes from my mother, she always spoke about Elmoyra, the goddess of protection. I always liked that name and tweaked it to be my own.

5. What are three things you cannot be a Mermaid without?

My Mahina monofin is really important to me and obviously my mermaid skin but besides those 2 things I can not mermaid without sunscreen, a bottle of water and my backpack that helps me transport and keep everything I need safe.

6. What’s the funniest or weirdest thing that has ever happened to you while Mermaiding?

I think it is funny and also heartwarming to see childrens and even adults’ reactions to mermaids in the pool and ocean. It is so nice to know you have made someone’s day and passing the mermaid magic on.

7. Do you have any favourite Mermaids that you follow?

@Mermaid_Shelly @thevirginiamermaid @mermaidkariel @merwenmerman

8. What advice would you give to others who want to be Mermaids?

Make sure you do your research and do not ever feel like you are alone or not good enough. It is extremely fun but can be dangerous when attempted without proper equipment and knowledge. It is important to be a confident swimmer, have a strong monofin (not just vinyl in a tail), practice in the monofin 1st, then move onto a tail (in the shallows at first) made specifically for swimming and not a makeshift tail from something like a towel that can weigh you down. There are alot of different mermaids out there from all walks of life, some mers do it professionally for their job and some just for fun. No matter where you are on the scale it is about having fun. Never let not having the latest and greatest gear get you down! Every mer is valid and important.

9. What’s next for you? Any big Mermaid plans?

I would love to become a professional mermaid and be able to be a part of a business that helps spread mermaid joy.

10. Where can people find you? (website/socials)




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Mermaid Lauren

Originally from Oregon, Mermaid Lauren is a digital designer + illustrator now living in Sydney, Australia. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she spent her childhood swimming in waterfalls, learning about the world of Faeries and dreaming about being a Mermaid. When she isn't doing beach clean-ups with her local environmental groups or swimming in the ocean with friends, you can find her drawing comics about her adventures as a mermaid here. She also loves baby bunnies, Sailor Moon and bubble tea.

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