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Sydney Mermaids

Sydney Mermaids

Sydney Mermaids are a pod of mermaids in Sydney, Australia.

Mermaid Lifestyle

We believe in eco-friendly, conscious living and that you don't need a tail to be a Mermaid! Sydney Mermaids are for every age, gender, shape and size!
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Come join our Mermaid Pod for mermaid meet-ups, swims, beach clean-ups and more!

What We Do

Mermaid Photoshoot

Mermaid Photoshoot

Become a Mermaid for the day! Our talented photographers will take beautiful photos of you and your friends as Mermaids on Sydney's beautiful beaches!

Art Workshops

Learn how to create art using recycled plastic from our beach cleanups!

Mermaid Merch

Spread the magic of Mermaiding everyday with our range of fun Mermaid Merch! Available in our shop!

Mermaid Story Time

Story Time

We love Story Time! Whether is in-Merson or virtually, we love reading stories…especially if those stories involve Mermaids!


Sydney Mermaids Podcast!

Dive in and learn mermaid tips, tricks, history, legends and lore!



Join our Mermaid Pod for monthly swim meet-ups, beach cleanups and more!

Sydney Mermaids

Join our community of Merfolk right here in Sydney, Australia!

Conscious Lifestyle




Swim & Give Back to Nature


Have Fun & Make Friends



Make your Mermaid Dreams come true with our range of products for the Everyday Mermaid!


  • Mermaid Monday; Mermaid Connection. When I was a little girl I used to sit on the bottom of the pool and pretend I was a mermaid. I grew up snorkelling, diving and island dreaming, We lived on a macadamia farm,

  • When I first started Mermaiding, I was overwhelmed trying to figure out which mermaid tail I should start with and who was a reputable and ethical source to buy from. Here is my list of Best Beginner Mermaid Tails 2021!

  • Welcome to Tail Maker Tuesday, where each week Sydney Mermaids interviews a different Mermaid Tail Maker from around the globe in an effort to promote and support mermaid-owned businesses. This week we interview Eric Ducharme, the creator of Mertailor!

  • Mermaid Monday; Mermaid Merlene. I LOVE THE OCEAN!! Ever since I was a kid I always felt connected to the ocean and the animals that live in it…See more at


for Oceans!

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Real-life Mermaids in Sydney, Australia.Β
Sydney, Australia
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